Invited presentation

The invited talks are 30 minutes long, including Q&A. Please bring your presentation on UBS stick and upload it at the slide check desk (next to the registration desk).
Please use 16:9 ratio.

Oral presentation

The oral talks are 20 minutes long, including Q&A. Please bring your presentation on UBS stick and upload it at the slide check desk (next to the registration desk).
Please use 16:9 ratio.

Poster presentation

Please prepare your poster as you would send it to the press, export to PDF, 300 dpi resolution and portrait orientation is requested.
Please send the PDF file in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by April 20, 2019. 03. 27.

As the venue has limited room and we received large amount of poster presentations this year as well, the organizing committee decided to redesign the poster session to take another step towards the future. Our aim was to make it more flexible, smooth, utilizing the maximum available space with no additional cost for the participants to the benefit of both the poster presenter and audience.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, this year we organize digital poster sessions where posters will be shown on digital screens disposed in portrait orientation. Poster presentation is not equal with oral presentation! We will use many screens, so 15-20 poster will be shown at the same time (similarly during a traditional poster session). In order that to make sure every poster can be presented and the participants can find posters of their interest we will schedule the poster presentations based on the same organizing principle as the oral presentations. Each poster will have a dedicated time and place to be presented by the author. We will organize 8 mini sections. During one section 15-20 poster will be shown paralelly. The sections are 30 minutes long – the presenter of the poster has 30 minutes to stand next to her / his poster during the section and introduce the work (i.e. 15-20 presenter at the same time). To give more opportunity to discuss the posters the screens in Margit and Beatrix rooms will be available for browsing freely all the time during the conference, so if you would like to ask a question later about the poster (after the poster session for instance), you can contact the presenter at any time, and you can occupy a screen in these rooms to show the poster and discuss your thoughts.

We recommend to bring some A4 copy of your poster what you can give to your audience, but this is not necessary - just a good opportunity to keep in touch.

Brief overview

Poster session – Monday, 1 hour in total

  • Section 1 (30 minutes)
  • Section 2 (30 minutes)

Poster session – Tuesday, 1 hour in total

  • Section 3 (30 minutes)
  • Section 4 (30 minutes)

Poster session – Thursday, 2 hours in total

  • Section 5 (30 minutes)
  • Section 6 (30 minutes)
  • Section 7 (30 minutes)
  • Section 8 (30 minutes)


  • The posters will be shown on poster stands
  • Many poster will be shown at the same time
  • All the other participants will gathering around to look over the posters
  • You can use the same softver to produce your poster, please export it into PDF (300 dpi)


  • Each poster has 30 minutes dedicated
  • Digital screens will be used instead of traditional poster stands and printed posters
  • You do not need to print your poster in A0 fromat, you can save some money
  • Overall more attention is given to a poster

Book of Abstracts

Each accepted abstract (in case the participant paid the registration fee) will be published in the Book of Abstracts of RANC 2019. We can not include the abstracts of authors who have canceled their intention to participate (excluding those abstracts which will be presented by a colleague). The conference organization committee does not collect full papers. If you would like to publish your full paper, please contact the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry.